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Mayra Zamudio

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Mayra Zamudio & Desmie Zamudio

Hi, I'm Mayra!

I'm currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley's College of Engineering. When I'm not busy with school, I love to binge watch The Big Bang Theory with my daughter, Desmie. We are huge space nerds! (We got to see a Starlink launch... It was awesome!)

One of my hobbies is Web Design. I love building beautiful, functional websites that make life as a business owner— simpler.

Did you know 94% of websites are visited through social media links? Where do most people access social media links? Well funny you should ask... Back in the day, having a mobile-version website, was a "cool" feauture.

The current pandemic has made mobile-friendly websites a necessity. A website is a great business tool to keep your customers updated. Allow me to educate you and custom build another tool in your business that will make your life simple.


Posh Styling Salon Inc.
Parma Ristorante
Martha Laureano
Abileen M Lash
Clovis ACM
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2020-2021 Webmaster
Ol Vic's
Bootstrap 4 Project
Geekwise Academy
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